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Raymond Christopher

Raymond Christopher is a member of the Republican Party running in this Collier County Commissioner Race as an Independent.  He moved to Collier County in 2005 to attend Ave Maria University.  Afterwards, he married his wife, Christina, and attended and graduated from Ave Maria School of Law Magna Cum Laude

Christopher now lives with his wife and five children in Ave Maria, District #5.  Christopher is an attorney with offices in Ave Maria and Collier Blvd.  As a small business owner, Christopher has a deep understanding of the need for fiscal responsibility.  As a Constitutionalist, Christopher is a staunch adherent to process and the rule of law.  And, as a Patriot, Christopher loves America. 

Collier County is one of the best places to live in this Nation.  To ensure sustainability here in the Collier, hard work, dedication, and vision is required.  Christopher has what it takes to asks the difficult questions, work with competing interests and forge the consensus needed for appropriate action to take place. 

Your Choice is the Future, Vote for Christopher. 


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